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⁣Video from BMJ Learning | Basic practical skills: practical suturing techniques - complete the module here:

Common clinical procedure videos also available at BMJ Best Practice:

3D Animation of the vertical mattress suture technique

In the emergency department vertical mattress sutures are used for simple closure of wounds, including contaminated wounds following trauma. They are particularly useful when the wound requires more tension to bring together the skin edges, or for thin skin where this technique helps evert the skin edge effectively. In the operating theatre they may also be used for hand sewn bowel anastomoses.

Laura mouko
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⁣Learn the best basic suture techniques from board-certified and world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zenn. Subscribe for New Videos:

Presented by Dr. Zenn and Zenn Plastic Surgery:

Demonstration of all the technical aspects you need to cosmetically close all of your open wounds. This video course is narrated by Dr. Michael Zenn and was filmed originally as part of the Duke Suture Skills Program.